"Fame! I Wanna Live Forever!!" Three Seconds of CSI Stardom. The End of the CSI:NY Saga.

eddie csi bug
One one-thousand. Two one-thousand.

devon & eddie
Three one-thousand.

Three seconds.

Three seconds of screen time.

Normally there are twenty-four frames in one second of projected film. 24 X 3 = 72. I got 72 frames of film! Sounds a lot better than three seconds of screen time.

The octopi I procured for that CSI:NY episode got significantly more feet of film than I did. Makes sense, I suppose, after all, an octopus was the murder weapon.

WC Fields once cautioned adult actors never to “work with children or animals.” I’m almost certain the ruddy-nosed comic didn’t think to include slimy octopus among the featured creatures of tinseltown.

I'm not bitter. It was fabulous just to be involved with the show. Though, someone ought to have warned the octopi not to upstage this Deep End Dining diva *double D-shaped snap*. Too bad for them because when the episode wrapped, guess who went home in a take-out bag?

They’ll never be eaten in this town again.


Clo said…
You look great with a tux, Eddie! I can see you in more shows, as a guest star of Desperate Housewives...
Kalyn Denny said…
Very fun Eddie. Soon your friends will all be saying "I knew him when he was just writing a little food blog."
Juliet said…
Let that be a lesson to any animals that think about upstaging you in the future. I just hope you don't ever have to work with a monkey. They are too cute to eat. Plus, monkeys are infinately cool.
Eddie Lin said…

even "desperate housewives" would have to be pretty desperate to want me on their show. thanks for the high, slow lob of a set-up!


ahem, sir, that would be 14 minutes and 57 seconds. thank you very mucho.


my friends say a lot of things about my food blogging and none of them nice. just joking, pals!


according to the laws of my peoples (chinese) i am forbidden to eat a monkey because i am a monkey. my lunar calendar sign is monkey. that explains a lot don't it?
Anonymous said…
Dude that's AWESOME! Congrats.
Personally I love octopus and squid...yumm.
(you can see how much here if you want)
(if you consider this spam feel free to delete it)
K said…
Hi--big fan of your site and think you look great. Your blog is an absolute hit around here!
Eddie Lin said…

squid ain't spam around these parts!!!


gosh and shucks, very sweet of you to say those things. your blog is really well-written. love it.
Unknown said…
um... that's what i meant!

(i'm so stoopid)
Anonymous said…
Congrats! hopefully this will catapult you to more episodes on other shows... you'll be type-casted as the bug eater :)
Eddie Lin said…

yes, sad but true. i'm typecasted as the bug eater. soon, i'll be the kung-fu master, hong kong mobster, asshole asian husband, bug eater. i heart typecasting!!