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Potsticker or Pot Sticker? The AP Stylebook's New Food Section Tells You What's Up. But Not Everything.

Not Just Turkey Legs & Wenches! Really, It's Not. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Irwindale, CA. LAST WEEKEND! May 21&22.

What is Assyrian Food? Listen in to KCRW's Good Food and Get a Taste. The Assyrian Food Festival. Tarzana, CA.

Where in the World is World Fare busTAURANT??? On Eat St. Season 1 Episode 5 That's Where! Only On The Cooking Channel.

Have U Ever Heard of the Assyrian Food Festival? Neither Have I. Come On Down & Check It Out! Free Admission! Tarzana, CA.

Everybody Dines But Not Everybody Lives. The Kings Row Sunday Brunch. Kings Row Gastropub. Pasadena, CA.