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Defend Lives by Threatening Lives. Animal Rights Extremists Tell You What You Can't Eat or Else! Tucson, AZ.

Happy Birthday, Rabbie Burns! Who Wants Haggis? Buchanan Arms Pub & Restaurant. January 25th. Tix Still Available. (Repost from 2010)

Eating, Kissing & Telling. Delicious Dating by Babe Scott. The Single Girl's Guide to Decoding Men by Their Wining & Dining Styles.

Get Your Grub On @ The Glendon. Snacky Stuff @ a Classy Spot. The Glendon. Westwood, CA.

Gold is Still King! LA Weekly's Gold Standard 2011 Coming to the Petersen Auto Museum Sunday, March 6th! A Frame, Manilla Machine, The Gorbals & More!

Tongue Tied. 2 Tasty Tongue Plates: Stewed Tongue & Tongue Taco. Versailles & Carnitas Michoacanas.

Honesty is the Best Policy. Hong Kong Fish Ball House. Fried Pork Rectum. Rowland Heights, CA.