Honesty is the Best Policy. Hong Kong Fish Ball House. Fried Pork Rectum. Rowland Heights, CA.

Honesty is such a lonely word.

We all do it. A little white lie here and there. The big fat lie. An exaggeration wrapped in hyperbole dipped in bullshit. Or creative ways of naming things to make them more palatable, perhaps.

The art of the euphemism is so pervasive in restaurants everywhere, one of the best being chitlins or chitterlings for pork intestines. However, it's trickier to write CLIO Award level copy for something lower on that intestinal trail, you know, towards the end of the poop line — the rectum. Well, there is one euphemism for the rectal region in pork speak, it's called bung but I'm not so sure if that's any better than just calling it rectum, it may be worse, in fact.

So, here's to the little food stand in Rowland Heights named Hong Kong Fish Ball House that calls it as it sees it with no b.s. (though I can't vouch for a lack of p.s.). As far as how fried rectum tastes, I'll let Kirk tell you. But, in the "end", it's kinda chewy.

Hong Kong Fish Ball House
18414 Colima Rd
Ste Q
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Ph: 626.864.1299


Val said…
Ironically, the restaurant's name doesn't necessarily imply that they are a house built with fish testicles. Also, the bung hole is the hole in the wine barrel where the spigot is placed. I hope I haven't ruined things for Beavis...

Great article, as usual. Man, I enjoy your writing.