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My Advance Preview Adventure at Disneyland's Long Anticipated Star Wars-Themed Land—Galaxy's Edge

C'mon, Daddy, let's board this hunk of junk!

Everyone's asking how I managed to score a preview of Disneyland's eagerly awaited Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars-themed land within The Happiest Place on Earth. If you really must know, I was smuggled in via a hidden cargo hold on a Corellian light freighter which can handily make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Is that enough of an explanation for you, old man? Sorry, okay, it's just that I know the right people, that's how I got in.

You will let me into Galaxy's Edge. Move along.

This is but one detail in a much more interesting adventure which began with sealing up any visual recording devices like cameras and smart phones in a vinyl security envelope. There was to be absolutely no photography or video allowed during the preview period. However, the Park was generous enough to deploy a small army of Nikon wielding souvenir photographers standing by to take complimentary photos with Star Wars universe…

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