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Don't Worry! Tofu Trump is Not a Food Trend—Just a Thing That Happened on My Plate.

Egg Tofu with Vegetables

Some people see Jesus in strange places. Mostly, these people see him as the Shroud of Turin format imprinted on a bunch of bizarre things, typically edible, from toast to chips to a pizza slice or even the inside of an orange. Who knows, maybe they are actually witnessing a miraculous Jesus image, or perhaps it's more of a Rorschachy thing that's going on. Anyhow, seeing Jesus in stuff nowadays is pretty passé. On the other hand, seeing Donald Trump is more on trend, as I did the other day, and it was weird.

I don't follow Jesus or Trump, but I respect Jesus. He's a guy I'd gladly have a glass of wine with (of course, he'd have to make it first) and discuss all kinds of deep life stuff. As for Trump, not really.

Back to seeing Trump in food. My girl and I were craving some late night bites so we headed over to Jasmine House in Alhambra. The restaurant is run by chef Lupe Liang. The same chef/owner who opened Hop Woo in Chinatown. (That…

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