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Appu's Secret Burrito. Hospital Food that People Actually Love. Long Beach, CA

Somewhere in this typical medical center in a typical Southern California neighborhood is a casual restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and early supper. The name of the place is Appu's Cafe. Specializing in vegetarian and vegan Indian fare, it's exceptionally popular on Yelp boasting a perfect five star rating with 410 reviews. (I know many restaurateurs who would kill for that. Yes, literally commit homicide to achieve such a pristine score.)

Many of Appu's clientele consist of the medical building's occupants and their employees while some are patients. Still others randomly wander into the cafe because of a visit to the building. A few, though, are curious foodies hoping to find a find. Like me.

The potential food find here is an extremely popular item on Appu's Yelp listing called the Maharaja Burrito. But before you can get your grubby hands on this coveted bit of tortilla wrapped hospital food, you need to locate it. When searching, you likely will drive …

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