Plate & Petal is Pretty & Pleasing. The Hidden Modern American Gem in Glendale.

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Brunch is a beautiful thing. It's a deliciously leisurely meal that's a cross between breakfast and lunch, typically enjoyed on weekends when, hopefully, you don't have a care in the world other than whether or not to refill your half-empty mimosa glass. (Or is it actually half-full?)

Hidden on a small side street between Central and Brand in Glendale is a jewel of a restaurant called Plate & Petal that many visitors to town very likely may have driven right by. But once you discover it, you'll never forget it.

At first glance, Plate & Petal could appear to be a sort of mom and pop café serving breakfast and pastries. However, a quick peek at the menu will have you realize that this is no basic neighborhood diner.

In fact, Plate & Petal chef and partner Robert Antonyan opened some of the most unforgettable restaurants in Los Angeles during his career. From breathtaking Perch in DTLA to the elegant oasis that is Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air, Antonyan has mastered his craft and is now loosening up his collar a bit. Plate & Petal is Antonyan's first restaurant, and it's truly a labor of love.

Antonyan described the cuisine at Plate & Petal as modern American. "This way we can be more creative," he explained.

plate petal avo toast

Plate & Petal is certainly a colorful name for a restaurant. If you happen to order the avocado toast, it all makes sense. Chef Antonyan may as well have majored in floristry as his exquisite plating demonstrates. Finely sliced radish and dainty microgreens adorn the smashed avocado spread like a fertile garden in spring.

plate petal oysters

Subtly briny and supremely fresh, the oysters were an absolute pleasure to slurp down. Next time, a complete dozen will be necessary rather than the six that arrived. Irresistible oysters are requisite for a good brunch spread.

plate petal lobster benedict

A wonderful example of Antonyan letting his creativity flow is evident with his signature Lobster "Benedict." Perfectly soft poached eggs draped in lemon hollandaise are nestled atop chunks of lobster, baby kale and mushrooms. The best part, though, are the two wheels of puff pastry that the dish rests upon. Usually, eggs Benedict is made with English muffin, but the puff pastry, way better!

plate petal cheesecake

Plate & Petal has another business and that's making pastries. Too beautiful to eat pastries in the form of edible coffee cups, festive "birthday cake" macarons, elevated eclairs, mini-cheesecakes, and so much more all tempt as dessert options.

plate petal pastries

Impossible to choose just one, you'll just have to select a sampling and walk it off on Brand Blvd.

plate petal pastry display

Or your other option is to have a full on photo shoot with your treats and not actually eat any, just like the influencers.

plate petal selfies

Of course, that choice is highly not recommended. After all, there's really no such thing as "too beautiful to eat." However, the food at Plate & Petal come close.

Plate & Petal
216 N. Orange St.
Glendale, CA
(818) 484-5077