Meat District Co. Should've Been Named Meat Shrine Because That's Exactly What it is!

meat district co ext

A couple of weeks back, I was privy to experience a preview party for Meat District Co. in Pasadena. The place flexes meat like a cocky prizefighter before a heavy weight bout.

meat district co sign

Everything about the place is beefy. Even the signage!

meat district co wall


meat district co slicer

Meat District Co. is tricked out with top end meat slicers, grinders, patty makers, and rare Australian round top grills.

meat district co prosciutto rolls

The prosciutto-wrapped dates frantically being assembled by the chefs for the big party were just a glimpse of the carnage awaiting us carnivorous revelers. Oh, there were a couple of vegetarians on hand and we gave them an intimate tour of the meat grinder. Real intimate. JK, there are veggie burgers on the menu for those freaks. Going to a restaurant called Meat District Co. and ordering a veggie burger is akin going to Café Gratitude and demanding churrasco. Get the hell outta here, bozo!!

meat district co servers

Meat District Co. staff seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the guests. Maybe cuz they eat meat!

meat district co wall art

Did I mention the cool interior design of Meat District Co.? It's beefy, meaty, and totally fits the theme of the place—tasty, tasty carnage!

meat district co knife display

Butchery implements from cleaver to hacksaw (and perhaps even a scimitar) were on handsome display like a house of torture exhibit at the hostess booth.

meat district co alfonse galan

Who's the exec chef behind this menagerie of meat, from wet aged steaks to offals? His name is Alfonse Galan. Formerly chef at redwhite+bluezz also in Pasadena, Galan knows his meat and how to cook 'em! Valentino Herrera (Trippy Food) and I challenged him to prepare llama hearts on our YouTube show Kamikaze Kitchen and he created a truly delicious plate that even the wimpiest among you could stomach. A true chef can make anything taste great!

meat district co charcutterie

Charcuterie is all over this joint. Piles and piles of delicious salumi, prosciutto, and much more.

meat district co bar

The bar in the back boasts a few flat screens for your sports viewing enjoyment or watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars—whatever floats your boat.

meat district co int

Meat District Co.'s dining room is expansive and expanding. There's much more room in the other space past the bar. There are even future plans for courtyard dining or imbibing.

meat district co endives

Those two vegetarians enjoyed the endives too.

meat district co watermelon pop rocks

But, vegetarians and meat eaters alike went wild for the compressed watermelon and Pop Rocks. Why? Because POP ROCKS!!! Duh!

meat district co burgers

So much meat, so little time.

meat district co wet aged meat

The glass encased meat cooler aka The Temple of Wet Aged Beef is located in the dining room for all to view and drool over.

meat district co corn

Even the Mexican street corn is meatilicious!

meat district co ribs

Pork ribs also represented, complete with foil handles.

meat district co alfonse and sunny

Chef Sundeep Vohra of Kings Row, just a few blocks away, stopped by to congratulate chef Galan. Because that's what cool chefs do—they give chef love!

Meat District Co. is now open for your red meat devouring needs.

Meat District Co.
69 N. Raymond
Pasadena, CA