Deep End Dining on KCRW? What is NPR thinking?!

eddies interview
Evan and Eddie rockin' the mic at KCRW. (Photo: Gina Liu)

My first ever radio interview was fast approaching and I desperately needed to come up with a hook or snazzy salutation to greet Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW’s “Good Food”.

Here's a possible scenario. Evan may start off the segment by saying:

Welcome back to Good Food. I’m happy to introduce my next guest Eddie Lin who is a food blogger and extreme epicure. It’s good to have you, Eddie.

I could quip:

Thanks, Evan. How deep is your food?

God, that’s awful. How about?

Thank you, Evan. Take the leap into the deep...end, that is.

Cringe! I sound like a junior copywriter who’s bashed his head into his cubicle one too many times. Just keep it simple.

Evan, it’s nice to be here.

Succinct, to the point and, eh, yaaawnsville. Hmmm, what would Tom Cruise say?

Evan, Evan, Evan, you’re glib.

Pass. Keep it light. Let’s try:

Thanks a bunch, Evan. I’m terrifically tickled to be here.

That’s a little too gay. How about?

Wussup, E.

That’s actually not gay enough. Alrightee, from the heart.

Thank you, Evan. It’s a real treat to be here today.

Bingo! Exactly the right amount of gay.

Find out what Eddie actually said. If you live in Southern California, tune in to KCRW 89.9 FM on SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2005 at 11AM PST.


From anywhere with internet access, go to KCRW.COM and listen to the streaming broadcast.


If you miss the broadcast, listen to the show archived.


Podcast it!

See you on the radio!


Anonymous said…
Hope you didn't accidently go with "terrifically tickled."
elmomonster said…
Dude! Way to go! Can't wait to listen in! I love that show!
Eddie Lin said…
Maybe I was tickled...maybe I wasn't. Josh, just tune in. You'll hear. Koocheekoo!

Elmo, thanks! I tried to plug your site but they bleeped me everytime.
Miles said…
What a fantastic segment -- so to speak -- on Good Food. I just listened and am an instant fan.

Btw, you were just gay enough.
Eddie Lin said…
Miles, glad you tuned in to the show and I'm glad I didn't ruin your appetite for food forever.
Miles said…
Just live tentacles and bowls of gut. Otherwise, still hungry. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Eddie! I want to eat food with you. Man that was the coolest.
Doran said…
I finally got around to listening to the podcast last night on the way home. It was a good interview and way way too little. Evan was too focused on the tripe (what, she's never had menudo?) and completely missed the opportunity for a deep philosophical discussion of eyeball tacos. sigh...

Still, I can't wait for your next time on.
Eddie Lin said…

thanks for the kind words. i'm glad you enjoyed my radio premiere. you know, you can always check out my second appearance on "good food" also available as a podcast. it's one of my two or three most recent posts.

btw, nice bio on your blog. nice life.

increase the peace!
Doran said…
That's so funny! I just skipped right over that one. :) Tentacles I could do. Balut, ummmm... gimme another drink and we'll talk about it later. Make that two drinks, and a lot later.

Thank you for the kind words. I focus too much on the work undone and it's nice to be reminded of where I am.