Ben Adair, Host of KPCC's "Pacific Drift", Vs. Balut. And The Winner Is...

"Pacific Drift" is a radio show that "focuses on untouched artistic resources in and around the region - both established and emerging artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and performers. Pacific Drift also features documentaries about life in Southern California."

ed mic

ben crack egg

balut hands

ben barf(Photos: Zahed Amanullah)

This segment of "Pacific Drift" focuses on balut and host Ben Adair's first time confronting this Filipino delicacy. Will he or won't he? Listen and find out.

In most of Southern California, tune into "Pacific Drift" on KPCC 89.3 FM, Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 9pm Pacific Standard Time.


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Svelte Rogue said…
darling eddie, pronunciation of balut is without any inflection of a "y" sound, as you and the radio host do, making it sound like bal-yut or ba-lute. you have to say it in crisp, iambic manner, ba-lùt, no implied silent 'e'. clipped way. fyi.
Svelte Rogue said…
wait, i might have misled with the 'ù'. it has to be the short 'u' sound, much shorter than ba-lOOt´

dem, if i could only do this with phonetic symbols but i never took that subject. grrr. i feel inadequate in this explanation!!! but i hope you catch my drift, because i listened to the 17 minute thing, and balut was just pronounced, well, wrongly.
Eddie Lin said…
svelte rogue,

darling eddie??? what did i do to deserve the pet name? don't misunderstand me. i like it. it's much nicer than being called "ignoramus" eddie.

and thank you for the very thorough explanation for the correct pronunciation of "balut".

Svelte Rogue said…
whoopsy, no offense meant. i am by nature quite an affectionate person (and writer), barring my other tirades.

*takes white dove with a smile*