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best food writing 2005blackbook

BEST FOOD WRITING 2005 is officially out. My excerpted article can be found in the appendix along with other bloggers' stories.

And what does Ryan Gosling, Don Cheadle and Eddie Lin have in common? We all love a lively plate of octopus tentacles. Just kidding. We all happen to be in the Fall Fashion 2005 edition of "BlackBook" Magazine.

Both available at Barnes & Noble and major bookstores.


Clo said…
You are on fire! We want the TV show!! I looked for BlackBook in Paris but could not find it...are they online as well? Good job Eddie, keep it going!
Robyn said…
Wooo, congrats! Now I must get that book. :D
Eddie Lin said…

i want a tv show. i want a pony too. santa, can you hear me?


i knows that you knows people who knows people... tell 'em i need a show.


get that book or just read it at the bookstore. i don't even have a copy yet. i'm still waiting for my freebies from the publisher. but i touched the actual book and then told everyone within earshot of the food section of barnes & noble that i'm in this here book and that i could sign a copy for them if they wanted. someone coughed and they all walked away from me.
Anonymous said…
Nicely done but I'm interested in that plastic wrapped Stuff mag behind the BlackBook.
Eddie Lin said…

you are my kind of freak. plastic wrapped magazines = good times.
Daily Gluttony said…
eddie, that's so awesome dude!! congrats! =)

you should do a book signing...with a live demonstration of the tentacles. now you KNOW i'd be there!
Juliet said…
Hey! Your date is all funky. I checked my regular blog reads a few days ago, and this wasn't up. What kind of freaky time warp is Blogger in? Or am I crazy? Is it really still last week, and everything I think I did was just a dream? ACK!
*clears throat* Seriously, though, congratulations.Looks like Linstirr (my hubby) and I will be going to Barnes & Noble.
Eddie Lin said…

actually, i was thinking about doing something like that at typhoon aka bug central. it's at the santa monica airport. easy parking. interesting venue. and i kinda, sorta know brian vidor the owner. i'll consider it.


thanks for letting me know about the date. yeah, it was veeerrrry inaccurate. now it's all fixed. let me know what you think about the article in "blackbook".
elmomonster said…

Congrats dude! I'm going to pick a copy up post haste.
Eddie Lin said…

thanks. please let me know what you think of the blackbook article. sorry, i tried to plug your blog as well as meg's, robyn's, pam's, sarah's and a couple of others. none of y'all got in the article. well, i tried.
Eddie Lin said…
Yes, Meg, we had to sub dead baby octupus instead of undead, wriggling tentacles. Like you said before they were "stand-ins" because the star was a no-show. I wonder if the tentacles are back on the Prince's menu now. Thanks for taking a look!
e d b m said…
eddie, *high-5*. next time i'm sifting through the bargain cookbooks at borders, i'm going to stop by and take a peep. good stuff.
Anonymous said…

is it like...the centerfold?!?!


i can't wait to see you, my pin-up boy. LOL!
BoLA said…
Yes, *CONGRATULATIONS*! That's awesome! Will check out BN now that I've renewed my membership. Also, I'm with Pam...will definitely be there with you at Typhoon. Great restaurant. Although I did pass on the crickets and ants when I went there earlier this year w/my girlfriend and her husband who used to be the manager there and the Hump. Just name the day and time, and I'll be there! ;)
Eddie Lin said…

*high five* right back. *down low* too slow. i'm such a juvenile.


yeah, honey!!! centerfold!! just call me mr. october! the staples are on my bellybutton and...oopsies. you'll have to get the magazine to see.


typhoon would be really awesome. i just have to get off my butt and plan and call and announce. but first i have to finish my next damn article which is killing me.

this blogging crap is getting harder.
Juliet said…
Just got my copy yesterday. Very cool! I just wish it was longer. Maybe next time. Go you! :-)

Is that next article you're referring to the one about pig blood soup? Yum!
elmomonster said…
Picked up my copy of Blackbook today. Great article, especially the choice zingers that they quoted you on! That picture of you could've been better lit though. Kinda grainy...Don Cheadle gets a glossy shot, why not you?! Travesty! I hope you got the bigger trailer!

Also read the excerpt on Best Food Writing! Congrats on that BTW. I didn't buy it though, considering it had a short excerpt on one of your articles while your blog has all your posts for free! Hey, you should start charging a subscription!
Anonymous said…
you are incorrect. i don't know what westernized half-minded filipinos you are talking to, but it makes your blog end up sounding ignorant. it's called 'diniguaan', which means 'of the blood.' none of this 'chocolate blood' oddity. none at all.
Eddie Lin said…
hey anonymous,

RELAX! It's just food. They're are many ways to order a hot dog in the US. Nobody gets their panties in a wad over it. I'm certain there are nicknames for pig blood cubes. Take a chill pill.