Extra! Extra!! Read All About It! Deep End Dining in the Los Angeles Times.

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Being in the Los Angeles Times Food Section is a very good way to begin 2006.

Reporter Avital Binshtock tackles the food blog "specialists" and tries to figure out what makes us so obsessed with our obsessions. Deep End Dining, Pho-king, SliceNY, A Hamburger Today, Burrito Eater, Candy Blog and others are among the new wave of food blogs that are poked, prodded and scrutinized in this L.A. Times Food Section front page story. I just want to know what happened to the ramen blogs?

Ms. Binshtock, if you're reading this... loved the article!

It's also available via the L.A. Times website. You may have to register, but, hey, it's FREE!!


Anonymous said…
i loved it to, but noticed they got editorial info on pho-king wrong. but great stuff anyway!!
Robyn said…
Congrats on being in the article! Nice pictures they chose. Can't..resist...live seafood...
Anonymous said…

and i love the pictures they chose. LOL!
Juliet said…
Aw, man! If the article was in next week's paper, I'd be able to pick myself up a copy. We'll be in the LA area then. Oh well. I guess the online edition will do.

By the way, any recommendations for good Chinese restaurants Linstirr, Dumpling and I can go to while we are there?
Peggy Archer said…
I found you through the LA Times as well - excellent site!

I'll certainly be back!
Anonymous said…
congrats on the article
Eddie Lin said…

me love chinese too. i b chinese 2.


yeah, i read that the facts were a bit mixed up on pho-king. i'm sure he can straighten things up on his site. i hope.


happy new year to you too!


hi my new pal. thank you for visiting. did you bring treats? not that magnolia bakery crap either. although i hear mr. pibb + red vines = crazy delicious.


thank you. the LA Times picked your fav pix.


welcome back, baby! you've been gone from the blog world? what have you been doing raising pigs? or raising venture capital? you so cwazy!


awesome! you'll be in LA! unfortunately i'll be knee deep in CSI:NY all next week. we shoot the episode on 01/12 thurs so there'll be a lot of prepping, esp. with bugs, balut and live octopus.

as far as good chinese restaurants, it depends on which part of LA. i would highly recommend the san gabriel valley and valley blvd. your chances of a good restaurant are very good and you can find all sorts of chinese food.

in LA's chinatown, you should go to the two biggies: empress pavilion or ocean seafood or sam woo. monterey park is also a very good chinese food city.

anyway, happy eating. how long is your trip?
Eddie Lin said…

welcome to deep end dining. i hope you heed the warning on certain posts before reading esp. before lunch. but, i'm sure you can handle them all. thanks for coming by!


thank you very much. i appreciate it.
elmomonster said…
Congrats Eddie! Man...I sound like a broken record! You get so many accolades (all deserved) that it's hard to keep up with all of them.

I read that article and although it seems that the author got some facts wrong (as was mentioned in the previous comments) and neglected to mention Sarah's Delicious Life Blog, I agree with everything she said in regards to your blog. If someone were again to write an article about food blog, it would be criminal to not mention or praise yours as one of the very best.
Juliet said…
Good luck with CSI: NY, and congratulations once agian. Who knew so much good could come from blogging?

Thank you for the recommendations. We plan on visiting LA's Chinatown anyway, so we will definately go to one of those restaurants.

We will be in the area from the 10th to the 15th. We have a funeral to attend on the 11th, but plan on having a nice vacation the rest of the time.
Eddie Lin said…

you don't sound like a broken record. you sound like a piece of vinyl that's being prodigiously scratched by the likes of grandmaster flash or mix master mike, ya heard!

i agree that there were errors in the piece however as far as leaving out many so cal bloggers like yourself, i feel some people may have missed the focus of the article which is about specialists in the food blog world. i personally would've called it finding a niche and defending the hell out of it - but that's my marketing background talking.

thanks and you always have a place for glowing compliments right here. i have no shame.
Eddie Lin said…

sorry about your purpose to LA but i do hope you enjoy your visit. if i get any free time, maybe we could do lunch with the familia.
Juliet said…
That could be cool. If you can manage to crunch in a bit of time during your busy week, just let me know via e-mail. dalian_moon@hotmail.com I will be checking that often. We don't have cell phones. We are still lame like that. LOL So yeah, if you can, name the time and place, and if we can make it, we will let you know.
Daily Gluttony said…
Yo Eddie, you are one bad ass mo'fo'...Congrats!
Eddie Lin said…

If I am one bad ass mo'fo', you are one bad ass mamasita! Keep on eating that spam sushi, sister!!