Stunt Eating on CSI:NY. Studio City, CA.

csi ny

Today at 430PM (PST) I and a handful of Deep End Diners are going to put the welfare of our collective stomachs in the hands of CSI:NY's food stylist Jean Hodges and her crew. Yesterday afternoon I purchased fifty balut eggs and delivered them to Jean's home. She then gave me a rapid and repugnant rundown of the menu. I was shown massive water bugs aka "toe biters", crispy crickets, small piles of ants, stacks of disintegrating pig brain and gruesome celophane masked sheep's head. Hanging out in the corner was a bowl of sheep eyeballs peering hither and yon and yon and hither. She advised her crew not to drink the night before the shoot due to the potentially vomitous effect the ingredients might have on them. However, after the shoot I'm certain there will be a convoy of cast and crew headed to the nearest Studio City grill and bar where many burgers cooked medium and draft beers poured tall will be ingested in order to get the taste of today out of our collective mouths. Cheers.


Sluggo said…
Oh, please... You must post the results of this event in lurid detail!
Eddie Lin said…

patience, my friend. i can still taste the "toe biter" in my mouth. i'm not sure if it's the bug i taste or the toe that the bug bit. either way, two margaritas could not make it go away. help me, obi wan kenobi.