One Feed to Rule Them All

Hello, Eric Alba here with an update of some behind the scenes changes going on.

We've consolidated our RSS, XML, RDF, ATOM, etc. into one feed at our new FeedBurn Please update your info if you subscribe via an RSS reader.

Some RSS readers will launch automatically when you click the above link (or the cute orange icon in the sidebar) and automatically subscribe to the new feed.

Some of you may have to manually copy and paste the URL into your newsreader

Please let us know if you have any problems with the new feed.

Also, since D.E.D. has been getting a lot of new visitors, we thought we'd fancy the place up. So we are working on a new design and some new features. Since Eddie, Megan and I have a lot on our plates (sorry for the pun), these things take time so please bear with us.

If you think there is something missing or if you have a suggestion for Deep End Dining, leave a comment. We love comments.


Anonymous said…
Eric, what the heck are you talking about????????
Alba said…
cipollaia, it's just a site update for those who read Deep End Dining's RSS feed through a news reader.