It's Alive! Drunken Shrimp & Lobster Sashimi with Ben Adair on KPCC's "Pacific Drift". Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 8pm PST. 89.3 FM.

drunk shrimp plate
Some shrimp just can't seem to handle their liquor.

Most people know that you shouldn't get your dog high. Now, you'll learn why you probably shouldn't get your shrimp drunk. Or maybe you should.

Also, you think you've had really fresh lobster just because your waiter brought it out live to show you right before the chef cooked it? Think again. You probably never had lobster this fresh!

"Pacific Drift's" host, Ben Adair, and I dive into the Deep End once again. This time we chew and ruminate on really, really, really, and I mean, really fresh seafood: drunken shrimp and lobster sashimi.

In most of Southern California, tune in to "Pacific Drift" on KPCC 89.3 FM, Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 8pm Pacific Standard Time.

You can also listen via KPCC's website if you are not in Southern California. Once at the website, click the "listen live" button.

Or listen to an archived edition (when available).

Or podcast the show if you missed it. Thanks for listening!


Juliet said…
That's hilarious! I remember telling my friend that I like drunken chicken. She said "I'd like to see a drunken chicken!" Well, I guess this is the next best thing. hehe
Anyhoo, I'll try and watch on my crappy computer. We really do need to replace this POS.
Juliet said…
Oops! I meant I'll try and "listen", not "watch." Sorry about that. And sorry about the double post. I have cough medicine brain.