Off Topic. Jenny Wins Emmy! Eddie Brags on Blog.

eddie, jen and emmy
The paparazzi just won't leave us be! It's hard out there for a soap star and a food writer.

Only a few months on her first real job, playing the edgy Gwen Norbeck on the daytime drama As The World Turns, and my pal Jen Landon gets nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the "Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series" category. That was more than enough reason for her family and friends to bust out the Hangar One and martini glasses. But when she actually won the Emmy, well, just booze wasn't going to cut it. What do you eat when you really want to show exuberance and celebrate? Greek food, of course! Opa!! So we got some from Malibu's famous Taverna Tony Greek Restaruant. Tony makes roast baby lamb that even Zeus would die for. (That is, if Immortals could actually die.)

It was a joyous celebration suitable for an Emmy winner. Congratulations, Jen! Your future is full of wonderful possibilities! Next, the Grammys and the Oscar!


Juliet said…
That's really cool! I'm always happy when people are able to achieve their dreams. Good luck to your friend in all she does in the future. :-)
Eddie Lin said…

thanks for the good wishes. i am sure jen will appreciate it. believe it or not, she reads my blog once in a while.