America's Freakiest Food Videos with Bob Saget.

Killer Shrimp on Vimeo
Who you callin' "shrimp"?

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the host of America's Freakiest Food Videos, Mr. Bob Saget!

Audience applauds.

Bob Saget: Thanks! Oh, you're too kind. C'mon, stop. No. Please. Don't. Stop. Please, don't stop! Just kidding.

Anyway, welcome to the show! Hey, folks, anyone like shrimp? Before you answer, check out this next clip. I've heard of popcorn shrimp but this is ridiculous!

(Very special thanks to Ben Adair. "Pacific Drift" lives on here, my friend!)


Colleen Cuisine said…
OHMIGOD, great video - that would totally win the grand prize. You really need to go back and edit in a laugh track each time one of the shrimp jumps out. It's begging for some of those sound effects from old Bugs Bunny cartoons too.
Hijinks at the dinner table!
Juliet said…
Shrimp: MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! You'll never take me alive! I am invincible! Just you try and catch me, you mere human, you!
Eddie Lin said…
colleen cuisine,

thanks for the director's commentary. i'll hire you for the dvd box set of my food videos. you're the best!


that was a really uncanny impersonation of a sinisterly cackling shrimp. that is scary talent! emphasis on scary. ;)
Unknown said…
great video, but where's the money shot, eddie? you know... EATING them?
Eddie Lin said…

the truth is that my videocamera went kaput on me. i do have a "money shot" but it's on my camera's video feature. not very good quality. thanks for asking. now go eat crap!
Gourmetish said…
now I'm craving shrimp! Even though those looked like maybe they could eat me.
Eddie Lin said…
Yes, they probably could eat you...ALIVE!! That's why you have to eat them first. Bye.