God Serve the Queen...Some Offals. Deep End Dining Crosses Pond. The UK's Guardian Newspaper Lists Best Food Blogs (in their opinion).

It's a British Invasion...kinda. This time it's US food blogs (mostly) conquering the shores of England. Deep End Dining is among them. I'm a big Anglophile so this is really cool. Check out the Guardian's list. I'll be celebrating with several pints down at the pub. Cheers, mates!


Juliet said…
Congratulations on your recognition abroad. My people (the Brits) know a good thing when they see it.
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks very much, Juliet. You're very sweet. And you are British-ish.

Call me crazy but I really don't think anyone's going to care about food blogs over there between a dying and dead Al-Zarqawi and the World Cup. What do you think?
Juliet said…
Those who enjoy (and need) the welcome distraction that comes from reading about chicken feet and beef tripe will. Mmm...chicken feet and beef tripe...
e d b m said…
Awesome Eddie, congrats. See ya in 4 days! You down to drink? haha.
elmomonster said…

Today England, tomorrow the world!!! Congrats Eddie!
Eddie Lin said…
hi juliet,

yeah, my US readers won't care about the World Cup... that is if they're cheering for the home team (US). We (US) got spanked in the first game. Back to chicken feet, everybody!


yeah! see ya on thursday! drinknbmerry!!!


tomorrow... stockton! because you know if weird food penetrates stockton, every place else is already there. have fun in india!
Colleen Cuisine said…
Congrats Eddie!
However, I have to ask: when the British compliment your taste in food... is that TRULY a compliment? (ha ha, had to go there, sorry Brits).

Hope to see you tomorrow Eddie - I got some Barbie movies for you.
Eddie Lin said…
Oh Colleen Cuisine, if that really is your name, you are one cheeky monkey!! Wait till I see you again. I'll give you a British compliment!!


Thanks for the Barbie movies. Can't wait. Uh, they're not for me, everyone. Really. They're not.
Mulk said…
congrats eddie,

this blog is awesome.
Eddie Lin said…
the magnificent mulk,

thank you. thank you. thank you. you are too kind.
Anonymous said…
The very reason I became aware of this site was through the Guardian; I am neither a World Cup or Al-Zarqawi fan, but I am British and I love reading about food. I am vegetarian (gasp) but love reading about the 'nasty' food ingested here. Incidentally, yours was not the only site mentioned, but it appealed to me with the drunken shrimp.
Anyway, keep up the good work, perhaps you can come over and try haggis or a battered Mars Bar.
Eddie Lin said…
Nicola the Vegetarian,

I really appreciate you leaving such a kind comment. I'm happy that you can vicariously experience this stuff without actually doing it. I feel like I've been of service. Haggis and deep fried Mars bars are totally on my list!! Thank you.

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