Eddie Vs. Bull Penis in the OC Weekly.

Check out the OC Weekly's remix of my Apocalypse Chow! post. It's shorter with more dick! Enjoy, I think?

If you actually live in the OC or are passing through, then tell Summer Roberts to hit me on my celly. Oh, you mean it's only a tv show. Well, then, at least pick up a hardcopy of this week's OC Weekly (August 10, 2006)


elmomonster said…
I saw the issue yesterday! CONGRATS! So...when's your Good Food gig happening? I'd like to hear how Ms. Kleinman introduces your bull cock story.
Juliet said…
It's dickilicious!

Respect the cock!
Eddie Lin said…
hey elmster,

funny you should ask. the bull cock segment will strategically air after kcrw's pledge drive. they didn't want to offend any bull cock activist out there.


speaking of cock activist. you're a lady who has been listening way too much to mr. frank t.j. mackey! thanks for the comment.
Colleen Cuisine said…
Dang dude, you've got BALLS. Get it?! Balls. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Great story - Brian and I read it together and fun was had by all.
Eddie Lin said…

You're telling me I got "balls" on the comment board in front of everyone! Are you NUTS? Get it? Nuts!!!

Someone should kick me in the nuts already.