Road Trip!! Help an LA Times Writer Find Road Food.


25248128 Ms. Avital Binshtock, LA Times blogger.

Boo hoo. *sniffle* Yes, summer's pretty much over but, hey, that's not stopping Los Angeles Times writer and blogger Avital Binshtock and her pal Jen from taking a road trip.

On Sunday, September 10, Avital flew to New York to join Jen so they could move Jen back to Southern California. These two nutty women insisted on driving back from the east coast to the west coast. They aim to be in LA by September 20th. On the way the pair hope to see, hear, drink and eat all that America has to offer and Avital will blog about it all, but they need your help.

If you know of anyplace or anything they should visit or eat on the way back home, please visit Avital's LA Times blog and let her know. So, in a way, you too can be on this road trip. It'll be like Thelma & Louise & You! (Except, hopefully there won't be a bummer ending where their car races off the side of the Grand Canyon.) So, whatayasay? Let's grab some beef jerky and lots of Mountain Dew 'cause we're goin' on a roadtrip!


Anonymous said…
Can't beat good jerky.
Eddie Lin said…
there's just something about beef jerky and mountain dew. pork rinds also work.
Juliet said…
It's too bad I didn't get to post a suggestion before they went through Chicago. I would have told them to go to Lulu's in Evanston. They're best (and most popular) dish is the ginger chicken salad. It is a HUGE bowl of salad with big, marinated pieces of chicken, crispy homemade wonton noodles (those aren't usually my thing, but they are really good at Lulu's) and a homemade creamy ginger dressing. Wash it all down with a tall glass of Thai iced coffee, and you've got one great meal! The peanut sesame noodles are also fantastic! Or get the bento (nothing like a Japanese bento, but still very good) which has both. Here is Lulu's link. Hope you don't mind me posting it.
Anonymous said…
I definitely agree with Juliet. Lulu's ginger chicken salad was the most delicious treat the resto could offer. I've been to Chicago last month, and I had such a glorious time there.