Fellow Los Angeles Food Blogger Meets with, Eats with and Makes TV with Tony Bourdain. No Reservations Were Necessary.




Chubbypanda said…
I'll say. Don't worry, buddy. Here, 'cause I love ya.

Nizam's Nihari House
14204 Brookhurst St.,
Garden Grove, CA

Thar be Pakistani curried beef brains.

- CP
Eddie Lin said…
I LOVE YA BACK! You're the best, Chubs!
Anonymous said…
We have frequent blogger meets in India.. But I have never come across a food bloggers meet.. should be intersting.. very intersting
Anonymous said…
I just got this code for the Time Out eating event on Tuesday. I went last year, and there’s a bunch of restaurants giving out free food, cool music and there’s a couple of open bars for the whole night. There’s a coupon code (TONYVIP) you enter at check out so you can get them for 20% off your tickets if you buy them before Tuesday. It’s a really fun event, and I think you get a gift bag and a free subscriptions, too.
rameniac said…
yo yo great meeting you on friday! i'ma gonna order a sashimi martini everywhere i go now; it's such the hot new thing!
Eddie Lin said…
bachelor cooking,

in LA we have food blogger meet-ups every month. it's become a normal part of our social lives now. in fact, we rarely blog about it because it's such a natural part of our everyday lives. we have the love of food in common and, fortunately, we all get along swimmingly.


you got your plug. question, though, how can the restaurants be giving out free food if you need to buy a ticket? isn't the admission price of a ticket paying for this "free" food?


make sure you sub soju for the sake and leave out the vermouth and wasabi. soooojuuuu tooownnn!!!
The sashimi martini - you are a legend...
Juliet said…
You know, Tony Bourdain's show sounds like the kind of thing you would be a perfect guest for! Your day will come. ^_^
Eddie Lin said…

we must recreate my sashimi martini night one of these evenings. and i don't mean that in any gay way.


bourdain broke my heart. why, tony???
Oishii Eats said…
Only you would think of sashimi martinis. That's nassssty. But what's not nasty with Eddie Lin???

See you at Miyagi's! Bleaaaccch!
Eddie Lin said…

ohhh, beehaave! i'll show you nasty!!