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eddie and mjf
Rock on, Mike!

Michael J. Fox doesn’t need me to defend him from the ignorant, blubbery, blabbering made by right-wing radio windbag Rush Limbaugh against Mr. Fox’s recent television ads supporting stem cell research. He did a fine and honorable job of it himself. Limbaugh’s accusation that Mr. Fox exaggerated the effects of his Parkinson’s disease was greeted by overwhelming criticism against the big, fat idiot. Consequently, Limbaugh would make a half-assed, conditional apology to Mr. Fox and then proceed to say Mr. Fox is only doing the ad for politically motivated reasons. Limbaugh also stated Mr. Fox was giving victims of Parkinson's false hope with the promise of stem cell research.

Hey, Rush, you mean like the false hope you and the right wing extreme are giving to everyone about victory in Iraq? Drop the compassionate conservative charade. It’s insulting and it never worked, not then and definitely not now. By the way, how does it feel to relive your playground bully days, still picking on the sick, small guy? Next time pick on someone more your size like Asashoryu Akinori.

No offense to sumo wrestlers.

I was honored enough to work with Mr. Fox for about three months on a television pilot he created. We worked on the same floor just down the hall from each other. The first time I met him I was saddened by his frail physique. This wasn’t the Michael J. Fox that I as a child and teenager grew up watching on television and in movies. In front of me wasn’t the guy who, ironically enough, played that loveable, junior Republican on Family Ties. (But, then again, that was the era of the Reagan Republican and not the twisted deformity of Republicanism we have now.) When I met him I could tell he was having a difficult time controlling his speech and physical movements. It was very uncomfortable to watch. Later on during a meeting, I would witness the tremors associated with Parkinson’s as he was trying to conduct a meeting and it was even more difficult to watch. Even so, Mr. Fox was able to make it through the meeting and take care of business. All this time he was on his medication. He wasn’t violently flailing about the office just to teach the production staff something about Parkinson’s disease. This was just how it was. This was Mr. Fox’s life. Eventually I became used to seeing his occasional spasms and problems with speech and I came to accept this version of Michael J. Fox as the Michael J. Fox. And this Michael J. Fox is one of the kindest, most sincere and most compassionate guys I know.


Kalyn Denny said…
My dad has had Parkinson's for more than 20 years and I was enraged by what Rush Limbaugh said. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it, and how wonderful to hear that Michael J. Fox is such a great person. I always imagined he would be, but you can't always tell with celebrities how well the private person matches the public persona. It's great when it does.
Juliet said…
Michael J. Fox handled Rush Limbaugh's words in an intelligent, dignified manner. He rose above it all, and came out of it the better person. He seems like a wonderful human being, and I wish him well.

Rush Limbaugh, however, came out looking cold and ignorant. What a heartless S.O.B.

As for you, these occassional detours you take from food to write about your views on current events tell me that you are a good person. Dave and I would likely get along well with you. At least when it comes to food and politics. ^_^
Anne said…
Kudos to you for a great post. I couldn't agree more. Rush Limbaugh is the biggest idiot scum on the face of the earth....maybe his drug use was just an attempt to gain more attention in the media? For a person who has struggled with something, he hasn't learned ANYTHING from it. It's disgusting.
The Marpepps! said…
Thank you for this. I've never liked Rush, but my grandfather had Parkinsons and it was a difficult journey for him. it was nice to see you speak out against it.
Anonymous said…
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Chubbypanda said…
Good man, Eddie. Good man.

- Chubbypanda
Oishii Eats said…
Ever since Teen Wolf, I've always loved Michael J Fox. I love that this MJF can rize above Rush's ignorant babbling. Much adoration for my Teen Wolf.

I voted last week. Yaaay!

When are we gonna hang out??? We miss Eddie Lin!
Anonymous said…
it was a shock to see MJF in this pic...cause at first glance he seemed like someone else. But after you look at it for awhile you kinda see marty all grown up. And the sight is a good one.
Like the pic Eddie!