Now That Your Blog Is A Huge Hit, What Do You Do With It? Turn It Into A TV Show! Learning Annex Class.

Anyone who's ever had respectable success with their blog especially, let's say, a food blog, has probably wondered if it could be adapted into a television format. (I've certainly had televised fantasies of snacking on balut.) Well, why not take these thoughts from fantasy to action? Greg Spring, a television development executive and a former Development V.P. of Pie Town Television (Rachel Ray's $40 A Day, Design On A Dime) is giving a Learning Annex class on pitching reality television called "Package Your Reality TV Project — and Yourself — Before You Pitch." I've worked with Greg in the past and he is a source of invaluable information in this regard and beyond. He has pitched and sold projects of his own and has been the person on the other side of the desk making the big decisions as well. If this is something you are interested in, I highly recommend going to his class.

The class will cover subjects like:

*How to package your skills as a chef, designer, stylist or other
expert for television.

*How and if to shoot a demo of your idea.

*How to create marketing and sales materials for your pitch (and

*How to protect your interests in the project.

*How to identify the right market for your pitch.

*How and if to get an agent/manager.

When: Thursday, January 11, 2007 from 6:45 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Where: TBD Westside LA location.

To register or for more information: Call the Los Angeles Learning
Annex office directly at (310) 478-6677 or register online at

The class is $49.99. 5 bucks off if you register online. (There is also a $13.50 registration fee.)


KT said…
Ha ha! I wonder if there's a reality show market for watching people fumble their way through trying to cook things. And rambling about a lot of nonsense while they do it.

Because if so, my food blog is sure to be a hit!

On a serious note, I would actually totally go for a Deep End Dining TV show. So much better than "Fear Factor!"
Chubbypanda said…
Hey Eddie,

If you decide to go the video podcast route or some such, hit me up if you need a straight man sidekick. =D

- Chubbypanda
Oishii Eats said…
Do they package crazy Vietnamese mama's? If so, where do I send her?
Juliet said…
U'd be interested in attending...except that it's a bit of a comute from Illinois. :-p
I wonder if there's a market for a show about an Asian man, white woman and their family.
elmomonster said…
I have my TiVo all set and ready to record "The Deep End Diner: Eddie Lin's Adventures in the Food Uncommon, the Cuisine Exotic, and the Entrees Less Ordered."

Or as it will more familiarly be known:

2nd-favorite said…
Why not make use of the available (and free) online media platforms (youtube and such.)
PePe said…
Yeah! you tube, Google video or Dailymotion would be a great option for start, and it can reach an even further more audience. Regards from Mexico!.
e d b m said…
That's a pretty cool idea. Are you going to attend??
Anonymous said…
Hey Eddie! Hope you and the family are well! Last year of uni is proving to be pretty hectic for me, and I'm sure you're a pretty busy guy too! Anyhows, I'll be sending an email your way sometime soon... Hope you're enjoying all the festive food (or is it not weird enough for you? ;) )
Eddie Lin said…
hi kt,

rambling and fumbling can be funny. just do it with style! thanks for being my first viewer.


i'll consider it and you won't need to visit my casting couch either.


how about pitting your crazy vietnamese mama against my crazy chinese mama then videotaping it. hiyah!!


white woman, asian man and their family. sounds like a modern sitcom.


i like it. it's a mouthful and tough to swallow just like the stuff i eat!

2nd favorite,

make it available online? free? how am i gonna pay for my babies' diapers??


i already know this stuff. it's worth going though for people who are truly interested.

hi cat,

what a nice surprise! thanks for the comment. happy holidays and happy new year. good luck in 2007!
Eddie Lin said…

thanks for the comment and regards from mexico. happy new year.
Anonymous said…
Another way of approachign this might just be to learn a few video skills and upload your own creations to YouTube, get a following - Ha - and then sell your own show to TV. It'll happen at some point.

And you're not so far wrong about the whole TV thing. I've been approached three times now to work on food programmes about Vietnam. There was only one offer I seriously considered taking up, but then I left Vietnam - Hehe.

Hope all's well :)