Pick Your Poison. Fruitcake or Lutefisk? Check Out KCRW's Good Food Holiday Special. Sat., Dec. 23, 2006 at 11AM PST.

close up lutefisk
Mmmm, Christmas egg nog, fruit cake and lutefisk. God bless us, everyone!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Listen to KCRW’s Good Food Holiday Special while you’re out frantically looking for last minute gifts like that fantastic battery operated tie rack or the always handy nose hair clippers. (By the way, Santa, somebody had better get me a copy of Nasty Bits or I’m gonna have a blue, blue Christmas.) I'll be chatting with Good Food host Evan Kleiman about taking the risk and loving lutefisk!

Tune in on the Eve of Christmas Eve, this SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2006 at 11AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) in Southern California at 89.9 FM KCRW. He knows if you’ve been bad or good or didn’t listen.

You can also listen via the internet, go to KCRW.COM, click on the "KCRWlive" button at the top of the page and listen to the streaming broadcast, also at 11AM PST on Saturday, December 23, 2006.


If you missed the broadcast, listen to the show archived.


Podcast it!


elmomonster said…
WTF?! You just posted the lutefisk article, and the segment on GOOD FOOD is on tomorrow?!

This is like a getting the latest Harry Potter book and its movie adaptation released at the same time. Unprecedented.

Unless that is you are a producer for Evan's show.
Chubbypanda said…
Work it, Eddie, work it!

- Chubbypanda
Anonymous said…
I heard you on Evan Kleinman's podcast and looked up your blog. I found it very interesting. I am displaced Angelino now 8 years in Brazil. I miss the dining safaris in LA. I write about the food here. Check out smalltownbrazil.blogspot.com and churrascoblog.blogspot.com. Keep writing because I am going to keep reading.
Eddie Lin said…

consider this a holiday gift from me to you. ain't i generous?


you go, chubbs!!


welcome. thanks for the encouraging words and happy new year!
Juliet said…
I just had a chance to listen yesterday. Really enjoyed it.
Lame comment, I know. Sorry. I'm tired, and don't really want to think about food now. But I wanted to at least be nice and leave a comment for you.
Okay. Back to bed I go.
Anonymous said…
I told my co-worker about your lutefisk love-in, and he says you're insane--and he's Norweigian. Great job as always!
Eddie Lin said…

it's always nice to get a comment from you!


lutefisk is nothing compared to, say, menudo. your norwegian pal is a discredit to his viking roots. shame!

hey, wanted to tell you great work on your expose of that charity. heard it on NPR. proud of you.