Deep End Dining on the new LX-TV. Il Grano Ristorante Italiano. West LA.

Hey, that's me! I'm on TV-ish. I'm actually on a new internet television network called LX.TV. It's a luxury, life/style information source, dahling! I'm very flattered to be part of it. Nowadays more people are watching YouTube over the boob tube anyhow. So, as they say, if you can't beat 'em, eat with 'em! Oh, right. They don't say that...but I do.

Please be my guest and take a gander at LX.TV.


Juliet said…
Very cool! They should give you a regular segment.

Also very cool is the fact that your dining buddy is left-handed. She's one of my peeps! LOL
Anonymous said…

first radio, now tv!!!!

what's next?
elmomonster said…
Mr. Lin, you are my hero. Although I was disappointed that I didn't hear more of your play-by-play a-la "Good Food". By the way, I have most of your broadcasts in my iPod, and listen to them whenever the occasion warrants entertainment, i.e. shoe shopping at South Coast Plaza.
Chubbypanda said…
Ooooh... You need to start marketing Eddie Lin autographs.

- Chubbypanda
Ron Oda said…
eddie was acting civilized... hmmm..

i think you shoulda been more of a beligerent drunk though to increase entertainment value...

so, i've gotta put you in the next movie eating something gross, but you can't be acting all civilized though, i want the real Eddie Lin... that's my direction.. LOL...
Eddie Lin said…

you know, they actually want me on as a regular so that's really exciting for me. i'll let shira, the host, know that you give her a lefty high five.


what's next? musical theatre, of course! how about deep end dinner theatre?


hopefully the segments will evolve and be more involved. i am very, very flattered that you podcast the good food shows that i'm on. although i'm still trying to make the shoe shopping connection with weird food. nonetheless, you are too kind.


damn, people don't even buy my t-shirts. who would buy my chicken scratch? although if i offered my soiled napkins...hmmm.

rick james,

you're a fake food blogger. i refuse to respond. okay, i'll respond. you didn't get the beligerent drunk eddie because we didn't seriously drink till after we wrapped. thank god, the video camera wasn't rolling after we polished off the bottles of vino. the show would be on youtube instead of lxtv.
Colleen Cuisine said…
hey, that's so cool Eddie, congrats! funny story - they contacted me to be on the show, asked for a photo, and then I never heard from them again. go figure... guess I am not camera worthy ;)

that would be awesome to see you as a regular. but you've gotta get this girl eating live shrimp and taking off her clothes or something... I need some drama or violence or nudity at the bare minimum to keep me interested. bon appetit!
Anonymous said…

I agree with everyone above. Seems like one of your safer meals. Hope they have you back on your more adventurous outings. Cheers!
Eddie Lin said…

oh you'd be great on lxtv. either somebody is blind over at lxtv or you sent them a bad photo. i can totally see you doing these segments! maybe they're saving you for the very special pinkberry episode. bahahaha!!

p.s. i convinced the host, shira, to try tongue and sweetbreads. she's never had them before. so, i kinda popped her deep end dining cherry. is that kinky enough for you? jeezus h., you guys are a tough audience!!

daily olive,

hey, i was eating sweetbreads aka thymus gland and tongue. not too shabby for my first appearance. am i right? someone gimme an "amen!"
Oishii Eats said…
Very cool Eddie. But I know she didn't like the tongue.
Anonymous said…

ok, so LX contacted me a while ago and i said, uh, i think if you want to pick up food bloggers, you should contact colleen cuisine, who is so very perfect for being on camera.


(not that my not mentioning eddie meant that i thought he wasn't purty enough to be on webtv. eddie, you are purty!)