don't mind those noises...

hello all, it's eric alba, eddie's friend behind the scenes of D.E.D.

you would think that a three day weekend would be filled with a lot of drinking and partying but instead i took the time to get over a cold and work on some things for D.E.D.

we've switched over to the new blogger, which after looking at it isn't much different except that there are some nifty widgetized layout stuff (a la google pages perhaps?).

and if all goes well, this blog will point to in the future. not that we don't love blogspot (you always remember your first) but it's just easier to read/write than being a subdomain of blogspot.

this site might be wonky or even disappear for a little bit (i'm not sure how long) until the domain thing resolves but we'll be back soon.

thanks for you patience and continued support.

[update] it worked!

[update 2] ummm, actually, going to works fine but for some reason going to doesn't. (this is a known issue with blogger/custom domains i guess) working on it now.