For Your Consideration. "Eddie Lin and the Hot Pot of Doom." Get Ready for the Kinkiest Culinary Adventure in Film This Year.

Shanghai Hot Pot on Vimeo

Not since Indiana Jones feasted on chilled monkey’s brain with a rather creepy, prepube Indian child-Maharaja has such a bizarre banquet been so ravenously consumed on screen.

The Location: Huang Cheng Lao Ma Restaurant in Shanghai, China.

The Time: Dinner. Near the end of the year 2002.

The Menu: See for yourself...if you dare!


phil varner said…
Awesome! The laugh track was a bit odd though...
Chubbypanda said…
Good stuff, but that really loud woman talking in Mandarin was distracting. I could care less whether or not she eats fish or how she likes her veggies. Wanted the give her a good shaking as I tried to enjoy your awesome video.
elmomonster said…
Wow...that is the deepest of the deep end. That was a lot of nasty bits. I'm a bit nauseous now actually: an iron stomach I do not possess.
Ay Dios mio! congratulations on being so brave, I am not sure I would live enough to build the courage to eat those things the way you did.

Anonymous said…
Here in Spain we also eat nasty things like lamb brain, beef testicles, cow stomach...
Juliet said…
I kept getting distracted and listening to the people speaking Mandarin. heh

You guys sure enjoy munching on balls! I couldn't help but think of that recurring joke on the State. I'm gonna dip my balls in it!" You utook that literally!
bb said…
that video was all the best ways. that was awesome to watch...Tony Bourdain has nothing on you!
BoLA said…
Whoa.. that's a lot of kinky food. Muhahah!
Sparky said…
Hey Eddie, I'm new to the site. That video made me envious! I love trying new things but nobody else in my family does, it makes it hard for me to find opportunities. I would have tried *all* of those foods, though to be fair I rather dislike kidney. The most exciting thing I've ever had with hotpot is those cute little octopi that curl up when you dunk them in the boiling broth. :P

Traci said…
I agree there were a lot of 'noise' but then it settled into it's own Food Network spot. Riveting!!! I think I caught a glimpse of you Eddie...very handsome. I would love to see you host your very own program on Food Network, etc.
Eddie Lin said…

thanks! laugh track was really used to replace the actual audio because we were using a lot of profanity during those scenes.


hey, that really loud woman is my sister-in-law! you watch your chubby mouth! but i'm glad you enjoyed it.


you wish this was the deepest. the deepest is yet to come, elmster. i don't think you want to know what it could be. you've been warned.


ay caramba! just open up and say "ahh". i used to hate it till i ate it.


oh yeah? do spaniards eat poisonous blowfish? duck feti? cow lips? huh? hah?


heh, heh, you said "balls."


offal nice of you! glad you liked it.


kinky's my middle name.


thanks, friend.

hey sparky! (i've always wanted to say that)

man, pig kidney is the least of the strange in that meal. i loved it. better than the rooster balls.


"very handsome". my goodness. are you sure that wasn't my brother Warren you're looking at? thanks for the very nice comment.

frankly, i'd much rather do a travel channel show than the uber disappointing food network.
Anonymous said…
I used to feast on pig's brain soup, so this hot pot feast is okay with me! haha~~I'd gladly try it!!