Is Premature Egg the New Pinkberry? Hen Follicles. A Food Trend or Foul Fowl?

special eggs
Have you seen our mommy?

Follicles (no, not the hair kind) are premature yolk that have yet to drop through the oviduct and into the hen's uterus. I ingested my first feast of follicles at a Vietnamese pho house named Pho Nguyen Hue Restaurant in Westminster, California's Little Saigon.

Today in the New York Times Dining & Wine pages, find out if preemie eggs are really the new veal cheeks. God knows they're younger. Much younger.


Juliet said…
Sure, why not. I"ll try it sometime. And I'll make it a cross-cultural meal, too. I'll have some balut on the side. *evil grin*
Chubbypanda said…
So that's what they are! Excellent. I get these all the time in Pho Ga, but I never knew what they were.
Anonymous said…
My mother came from Italy(Rome) and used to fix this in our Homemade Chicken Soup. I don{t think that you can buy an undressed chicken in California anymore (unless you buy them live).
The soup was quite tasty. I was a showoff kid so the head was my favorite part.