Deep End Dining on Huell Howser's show... That's Amazing! April 11 & April 27 at 730pm on KCET Ch. 28.

Huell Howser is a name, a face and definitely a voice you’d recognize if you’ve lived in Southern California in the last 20 years. His shows California's Gold and Visiting… with Huell Howser along with his other programs have been mainstays on PBS stations across California.

I’ve described Huell Howser as a grown up’s version of Mister Rogers to people who are unfamiliar with him. The man is a local legend. In fact, he’s even been spoofed and immortalized in The Simpsons — That’s when you know you’re culturally significant. Now, I’m a part of Huell’s California neighborhood and it’s quite surreal but in a good way.

On this episode of Visiting… with Huell Howser, I introduce him to halal, an Islamic dietary law. We go to a halal grocery store in the first part of the show and then to an Islamic Chinese restaurant.

It was, as Huell himself would say, an amazing experience! I’ll let Huell tell you when the show airs in his own words.

Huell Howser on Vimeo

I’ve also included a snippet of the show as sort of a trailer to the episode.

Please check it out when it airs and thanks!

Visiting… with Huell Howser (halal episode)
April 11th and April 27th at 7:30pm PST on KCET Ch.28 in Southern California or check your local listings.


Allison said…
oh my god, huell is so hilarious! i can't wait for this episode.
I am getting halal chinese flashbacks! my dad took me there once a month while I was growing up!
BoLA said…
I love it! Love that red argyle sweater! ;)

And I love the Halal episode! What about soy sauce? Fish sauce? Mustard? Tabasco? :D

GREAT JOB! Am enjoying your visit with Huell Howser!
Anonymous said…
Good for you Eddie you mediawhore :; But, is it just me... achh... I hate to be impolite.... I'll just come out and say it... is that Huell not just a little bit thick, but really very, densely thick in the tightly fibrous sense? I feel so rude and dirty to say this on your blog... but maaan he's like... thick.
Anonymous said…
Did you and Huell have salad together?