I Met the Corn Dog King at Disney's California Adventure!!!


Read it only in the OC Weekly.


Jared Carter said…

I myself have partaken of this particular corn dog.

If there's one reason to visit California Adventure, it's the dog.
Nate said…
Is it wrong that my jaw just went slack at the sight of the words "hot link corn dog"?
Anonymous said…
Tried one and found it totally disgusting. It's not as good as it sounds.
Anonymous said…
Now I want to try that corn dog. Yes, that corn dog. I want to eat it. You wrote about it and made it sound delicious. I want to see if it tastes like you described. I'm going to go to Disneyland and try that corn dog. Yes, that corn dog. This article is pure magic just like Disneyland, even though it is run by Jews. Disneyland is still magical, albeit run by Jews. You make me want to eat this corn dog. You are magical like a wizard. I don't even like corn dogs but I want to eat this one. Who are you to hypnotize me into eating a corn dog at the Happiest Place on Earth run by Jews. Are you friend or foe? Show yourself Sorcerer!!!!
fredd said…
sounds delicious. yummy! let me try.oh no, i'm not gay

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