Jonathan Gold Wins Pulitzer Gold.

Pulitzer Prize
Is that Jonathan Gold on the Pulitzer Prize?

I'd just like to add my pat on the back for the best food writer on the planet. Mr. Jonathan Gold, you totally deserve it. Being the first food writer to win a Pulitzer Prize just makes you that much more of a bad ass. And, I don't mean that in any "cloying" or "roiling" way (two words that were completely underutilized, that is, until you came along).

Your choice of words and unique voice did more than inspire me to race out to the hidden corners of this metropolitan sprawl of ours and seek the places "where Los Angeles's ethnic communities feed their own", they moved me to aspire to be like you.

I would've never gotten into food writing if you didn't exist, for my notion of food writing was limited to the highfalutin', flowery swill found in local and national glossies that passed as food writing for so many years (which may explain why there hasn't been a Pulitzer Prize winning food critic until now).

Your master tome Counter Intelligence is my food literature equivalent of Miles Davis's jazz masterpiece, Kind of Blue, but instead of listening over and over again and discovering something new and brilliant each time, I read and re-read your lines and passages and every single time something inspiring, transcendental and, above all, delicious leapt off of the page.

Thank you, Mr. Gold, and congratulations.


Pirikara said…
My sentiments exactly. But on top of that, I'm just happy that I now know what JG really looks like! Thanks Pulitzer!
Anonymous said…
All hail Emperor Gold!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh. Amazing. It is now official that he is wonder.