The New York Times Dives Deep Into Body Sushi.

body sushi
Hey, buddy, watch those chopsticks!

Read the NY Times article by yours truly.

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Rose said…
Looking at that photo reminded me of the way that 1950-1970's housewives would dress a lobster - sticking it on a bright green platter on a bed of multiple lurid coloured vegetables, then garnished with bright things like cherries and julienned carrot! Ewww..

I don't think I could stomach sushi seasoned with dead skin cells, sweat, sebaceous secretions, tanning lotion and teensy little hairs!

Having said all that, hope you enjoyed it! :P
H. C. said…
Wow! I'm so glad you're able to parlay your food blogging experiences into a fun piece for the NY Times -- will Joel Stein have competition for the TIME magazine semi-regular food section? ;)
Anonymous said…
Nice Beaver shot
Anonymous said…
Nice article. Obviously the NY Times has lowered its standards. Tell me, did your piece come before the VA Massacre story or after?
Unknown said…
Hmmm... as much as I like naked women and I like sashimi, the combo seem a bit wrong, both in the hygienic sense and the "objectification" sense.

It's a bit demeaning for the person being used as the platter no?...Granted though they did put themselves into that spot.