War is Over If You Eat It. Pete Wells Makes Peace With the Cheese Sandwich.

Pete Wells, the current Dining Editor at the New York Times, has finally extended an olive branch to the humble cheese sandwich. You may recall, when Wells was still a contributing editor at Food & Wine Magazine, he penned a controversial article dismissing a majority of the food blogosphere (this one was mercifully spared) and singled out the "cheese sandwich" post as an example of horrendous and eyes-glazed-over boring food writing.

In this week's NY Times Dining section, it appears Wells has embraced the cheese sandwich - the grilled cheese sandwich in particular - and granted the simple snack a place in the revered pages of the Gray Lady.

Could whirled peas just be right around the bend?


Anonymous said…
I'm sure the brevity of the piece dictated the dearth of variety in the column. For instance, two of my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches are available at Tina's Deli, Lakewood, OH. Each uses swiss cheese on rye or white; one also has freshly fried bacon, the other utilizes sliced gyro meat. Yummmm!
Jared Carter said…
Comté grilled cheese served along side Deschute's Inversion I.P.A.

I know what I'm doing for my birthday.
Anonymous said…
Yes, yes, join the darkside.
Anonymous said…
At the time, Pete Wells article was controversial. In order to have a revolution, you must have resistance and then finally acceptance. These old-time journalist are afraid their rug is being pulled from under them. They should be afraid. Enthusiasm for one's subject will override skill; but that enthusiasm becomes one's skill. I guarantee that most of the writing staff for a newspaper are looking to write the first page stories - not the 4th section of Food and dining. The food blogging community will not be dictated by the so-called 'mainstream journalists.' We are the mainstream now. Step aside Old Man Wells, your time has passed. Yes, our fellow comrades are dying for freedom in Iraq - but the world needs more euphemisms for the word 'Yummy.' I have the right to eat and share to the world 'A triage of spicy, sour, and sweet blended perfectly into one.' We will all remember Deependdining as the catalyst for change to modern food writing as we know it.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad he made peace. Now everyone can begin to heal. His wife, the writer Susan Choi, also wrote a really great story about the art of a good sandwich.

Juliet said…
I like grilled cheese on sourdough with muester cheese and either a tomato slice on top, or SPAM. Sometimes both. Not that it matters. heh

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