It's a Man Eat Bug World. The Bug Fair at LA's Natural History Museum. Charlotte's Stew? Ewww.

David George Gordon aka The Bug Chef.(Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)

The fair is comin' to town! The fair is comin' to town! Step right up! Check out the grand attractions. Get in line. Grab a tasty snack like a deep-fried *gulp* scorpion? Say what???

Oh, right. I forgot to mention that this fair is the 21st Annual Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Every year around this time, LA County's always fascinating Natural History Museum gets a little buggy and hosts North America's largest bug fair (and I thought my house had an infestation problem). Interact with live bugs from the vilified spiders and scorpions to the glorified butterfly. Buy stuff from over 60 vendors who will be hawking all things bugs from toys to t-shirts.

But the big reason I'm going to the Bug Fair has nothing to do with exhibits or toys (although they're all very cool). I'm going to eat me some bugs: fried bugs, sauteed bugs, roasted bugs, and, who knows, maybe even chocolate covered bugs. The famous bug chef David George Gordon will be whippin' up the insect eats. He'll be demonstrating on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 3pm, both days.

So, who's gonna join me for this entomological tasting menu? *chirp-chirp-chirp* All I hear are crickets. Oh, well. Catch 'em and fry 'em, Chef. Heavy on the garlic, s'il vous plait.

Bug Fair Info:
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is located at 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90007. Bug Fair hours are the same as Museum weekend hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit or call (213) 763-DINO.

The expo portion of the Bug Fair is located on the first floor of the Museum. The Pavilion of Wings is located on the Museum’s South Lawn. Appearances by the visiting “bug chef” are in the Jean Delacour Auditorium.

The Bug Fair is included in the price of regular Museum admission. Adults $9; Students, Seniors and Youths (13-17) $6.50; Children (5-12) $2. Museum members and children under 5 are FREE. Admission to the Pavilion of Wings is separate: Adults $3; Students and Seniors $2; Museum members and children under 5 are FREE.


Chubbypanda said…
I wanna go! I wanna go!

But I'm in NorCal right now. Dagnabbit!
Juliet said…
Sounds interesting. I'll try any animal or animal part once. Well, almost...
adam said…
was just reminded of your blog - and what a total pleasure to be back.

Here's a tip
Anonymous said…
MMmmm bugs. They're also pretty interesting with cheese as in Casu marzu :)
Jared Carter said…
That looks like it'd be so much fun. I'll have to try sometime.