Is That an Eyeball in Your Taco or Is It Just Happy to See You? The iTaco on KCRW 89.9FM at 11AM PST Saturday, August 18th 2007.

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Watching what you eat? Or is your food watching you??? Check out my chat with Evan Kleiman of Good Food as we talk taco...eyeball taco, that is!

Listen in Saturday, August 18th 2007 at 11AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) in Southern California on 89.9FM KCRW.

You can also listen ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD via the internet, go to KCRW.COM, click on the "LIVE" button at the top of the page and listen to the streaming broadcast, also at 11AM PST on Saturday, August 18th 2007.


If you missed the broadcast, listen to the show archived.


Podcast it!

Read the original iTaco story here!


elmomonster said…
Catching up on your posts. I just heard the PodCast today and it was as great as always...but the most shocking part was hearing that you're leaving L.A., going to Austin!!! NooooO!