Phoenix Talons. A Chicken Feet Docu-Short by Ray Wong. Betcha Can't Eat Just One.

Phoenix Talons. A docu-short directed by Ray Wong.

"...the appeal of chicken feet is more nuanced than simply tearing a hunk of muscle off bone and gnashing it. If you've ever eaten chicken feet, then you know the first sensation to greet you is the velvety smooth skin, so delicate it peels easily off of the diminutive bones. Following the tantalizing texture is the perky sweetness of the dish that will make your taste buds jump for joy. Finally and unexpectedly, you'll be pleased by how succulent the tendon and ligaments are."

"Eating chicken feet is like learning to tango with your tongue; only here a chicken's foot is your dance partner."

—Eddie Lin

Ray Wong is a talented filmmaker who lives in Cornwall, England. His films tend to focus on matters close to his heart like food and family. He also happens to be a Deep End Dining enthusiast. So, when he emailed me to ask my permission to open his short film - a documentary about the popular Chinese snack chicken feet - with a quote from my Chinese chicken feet story, I was very flattered. I also couldn't wait to see his vision come to life, and, now, here it is.

Although simple in appearance, the style of Chinese chicken feet known by its food porn name as Phoenix Talons, readily available at authentic Chinese restaurants offering dim sum service, is a very complicated dish to prepare. You’ll see just how much is involved to make that tin of chicken feet you see carted around at your favorite dim sum spot.

I really enjoy Ray’s style of filmmaking – kinda raw, very tight, wryly funny – and am happy to be able to offer it here for your viewing pleasure. Please let Ray know what you think by leaving some comments.

If you like what you see and happen to be Steven Spielberg or someone with some cash money for Ray to fund his next film (or you just want to say hi), here is Ray's email address:

Also, the youtube link to the other killer films of Ray Wong.

The link to my chicken feet story.

Meanwhile, forget the popcorn, I’m going to get me some chicken feet and watch this movie again.


Anonymous said…
odd.. creepy... the snipping of the talons still haunts me..yet.. i wanted to be in that kitchen.. i wanted to have that woman boss me around and shove me out of the way.. only to reward me later with crispy talons..
the film shook my nice little boneless skinless chicken breast word and made me crave the nasty.
i thank you.
SteamyKitchen said…
wow! great vid. i too would choose chicken feet as part of my last meal.

now i'm craving....
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful description of a food so feared by those who don't know but so close to my little chinese heart.