The L-Foods — Lutefisk! Lefse! Limpa! Only at the Sons of Norway Annual Lutefisk All-You-Can-Eat Fundraising Dinner. Nov. 9 & 10. From 4pm - 8pm.

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Get Your Lutefisk On! It's a Lutefisk-Fest!

It's that time again. Yes, yes, y'all, the Annual Lutefisk Dinner at the Sons of Norway Lodge in Van Nuys. It's an orgy of reconstituted lye fish as well as a fundraising event and there really is nothing like it in Southern California.

In addition to the all-you-can-stomach lutefisk, they serve meatballs, gravy, potatoes, peas, lefse, limpa, knackebrod and dessert.

Best of all, aquavit is available at the bar in the back. Skål!

Adults $18; Children $9 (not sure about age range); Toddler-aged children - no charge.

Friday & Sat, Nov 9 & 10 from 4pm-8pm both nights

For More Info, Contact:
Sons of Norway Lodge
14312 Friar St.
Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 780-4778

Read my account of voluntarily ingesting mass quantities of lutefisk at last year's lutefisk-fest.


Juliet said…
My goodness, has it already been a year? You said before that IKEA has lutefisk this time of year, right? We have an IKEA down the road from us. (It is now our town's claim to fame.) I will have to see if they are serving it.
Matthew Corgan said…
All you can eat wow. All the food on this website looks very delicious.

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Have a great day!!