Michelin & Martinis. Michelin Guide Los Angeles Reception Party at Les Deux in Hollywood.

Michelin Guide Reception from eric alba on Vimeo.
Michelin Stars in Hollywood.

I am set! Now not only do I have Michelins strapped around my 22" chrome spinners, I also have a Michelin in my glove box. Yes, the Michelin Red Guide is out and there was a Hollywood party to commemorate the event. I was there to help drink in all the festivities quite literally.

Whether positive or negative, most foodies, critics and restaurant professionals have strong opinions regarding the Michelin Guide coming to their town. My humble opinion is it's always good to have another point of view. It's simply another option in the mix of information sources one can glean from when making a dining decision.

Love it or not, the Michelin Guide has arrived to LA. I'm just happy to see Empress Pavilion, Typhoon and The Hump in the guide, at least some of the Deep End Dining places made it.

But remember Deep End Dining will always be your premiere guide to the freaky and funky foods far and near. I'll give myself three stars and one circle snap for that one. Bon appétit!


Anonymous said…
But I'd appreciate at least one post a week. I hate the boring gaps in between.
Unknown said…
Muy buenas noches:
Quizás haya que hacer mención a la parcialidad manifiesta de la Guía Michelín en cuanto a la calidad de sus selecciones. Un ejemplo claro es el trato injusto a la cocina española, la mejor del mundo con diferencia y tradicionalmente maltratada por esta guía.
Megan, eres estupenda!!!
Anonymous said…
I always thought that the Michelin guide was a guide to help you choose tires...bizarre! Who's the guy presenting the video? kinda cute...but he looks like he had cosmetic surgery or something...