Stella Magazine in the UK's Sunday Telegraph Dishes Up the Best Food Blogs.

stella mag

Take a gander at which food blogs the UK's Stella Magazine likes best and why. It's all in Stella's special food issue. Deep End Dining is honored to be among Stella's stellar selections which include Orangette and David Lebovitz.

And a warm welcome to Telegraph and Stella readers!

Thank ya, Stella, for makin' me one happy fella!


Juliet said…
That's great! Congrats! I like your blog much better than Jackass, though. I actually read it. You couldn't pay me to watch Jackass!
Chubbypanda said…
Nice going, Eddie. You deserve it!
elmomonster said…
Yesterday: the NY Times. Today: Stella Magazine. Tomorrow: THE WORLD!

Congrats Eddie. You continue to inspire me.
lobstersquad said…
congrats, and thanks for visiting, too. I´m honoured to be mentioned along you big five.
Anonymous said…
And thanks for the welcome ;-) You brave soul.
a telegraph reader
Clo said…
Stella means STAR in Italian, and we've always known you're a shining one!
one beer chick said…
You ROCK Eddie! Keep up the good work. I'm ready to read your book!
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks all,

I'm sorry I've been slacking on the replies. Blame it on the holiday frenzy but I'm enjoying it all. I am truly touched by your wonderful comments and wish we could all have a nice champagne toast together in real life some day.

Until then, cheers and, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless us, every one!

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