Where in the World is Megan McCormick??? A Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek at Globe Trekker: Los Angeles.

Where's Megan Now?! by Eddie Lin on Vimeo.
Totally Awesome Megan in LA!

We (meaning me) at Deep End Dining are well aware of the legions of Megan McCormick fans who end up at this blog voraciously seeking more Megan content. Well, all of your patience has paid off. Not long ago, Megan came to LA to do the first ever Los Angeles edition of Globe Trekker. Megan was kind enough to give me some face time on and off camera. We caught up on life, travels and, of course, food. Megan and I had a couple of meals while she was in town — one at a Lebanese restaurant in my neighborhood and the other at a touristy Mexican place on Olvera Street. It was really wonderful seeing her and her small family. I also had the pleasure of hanging out with the Globe Trekker crew — a friendly, raucous, fun and, um, motley crew they be. Bonus: I may even be in the show. Sweet! *fingers crossed* But, we'll have to wait until it airs in the new season to see for sure.

We chat at the world famous Venice Beach and end the video in Downtown LA's historic Olvera Street. Enjoy the video!



Clo said…
I love the part where you ear chips watching TV! It's so NOT you!!! You're so talented, EDDIE LIN!!! BRavo, great to see your nice cheeks!
Chubbypanda said…
Sweet! You know, the first month after I started following this blog, I checked every day for an article written by Meghan. Yayz! Meghan! =b
Eddie Lin said…

exactly which cheeks do you speak of? you're a cheeky one!


so you are one of the stalkers i speak of, right? that's cool. i ain't mad atcha.
elmomonster said…
One scene from Globetrekker summarizes the reason why Megan is so lovable. It's the one where she bites into the peking duck skin in China. You don't get that kind of comic timing in just any old travel host. That scene was perfect. You know what I'm talking about?
Eddie Lin said…

i don't remember. i've seen so many of her shows and i also have my memorable moments list. please refresh my memory.
elmomonster said…

I wish it was on YouTube. The scene starts out with her going to the place which purportedly invented Peking Duck.

I remember her mentioning that this restaurant had been making Peking Duck this same way for a century or more.

She sits down in front of a plate of crispy skin, picks one up, rolls it in a pancake along with a scallion stalk and a little bit of sauce. All the while, she narrates, and then she literally stops because her hand seems to act independent of her brain.

It stuffs the rolled pancake into her mouth, shutting her up midsentence. She devolves into groans as her eyes roll back into her head. And then; stillness, as the realization sets in that she's just had the best Peking Duck in the world.
Anonymous said…
Dude. Seriously. Don't give up your day job. That was some of the WORST "acting" evah!!

Great clip. Love how the behind-the-scenes guys can't get away from your camera fast enough.

I especially loved the arty treatment you did to your video at the very end. I dunno what you call it.

Cool stuff, man.
Eddie Lin said…

thanks. have you seen the pig ear episode of huell? i'm on that one too. come back soon.


yes, i think i remember now. i'll set my tivo to catch it again. it was a gooder.


you are so mixed on my skillz. you love me and you hate me. you love to hate me. or you hate to love me. i don't know which is worse. well, at least you're visiting my blog. happy year of the rat.