Korean Soondae on KCRW's Good Food. 89.9 FM in So Cal. Saturday, March 15, 2008. 11AM PST.


Listen in or there'll be blood on your hands!

The details, live stream, podcast (after broadcast) and streaming audio (after broadcast) are all available at KCRW.COM.



Seth Benson said…
I am oh-so-happy to have found this blog. I shall read with such delights ...
*leans back in chair and picks at the grit between my teeth with a small piece of wood with grace, yet with mysterious ambitions worn upon my face like a shroud*
*nick cave music is heard in the background*
Juliet said…
Missed it. Good thing I cam listen to it archived!

Oh. I decided to start a food blog, but it's invited readers only, since I don't want any psychos guessing where we live. Anyway, I invited you.
elmomonster said…
Loved the show BTW.

And, as we were flippin' channels this weekend, we saw the tail end of a certain HGTV show called Secrets That Sell...and OHMYGAWD! THAT'S EDDIE LIN!!!!! We didn't catch the whole show, so I am for it to get rerun (if it ever does). But why didn't you give us a heads up?! I would've set my TiVo!!!!
Eddie Lin said…

thank you for your nicely descriptive and wonderfully weird comment.


yes, thank goodness for archived audio and podcasts. r u emailing me the link to your food blog? can't wait to see what you guys have over there!


thanks for listening. oh the hgtv "secrets that sell" show. well, i didn't announce it for a couple of reasons

1) it's not food related
2) we're not moving to austin anymore

but i will be announcing my playboy tv appearance soon. hopefully you have or know someone who has playboy tv. will the show be food related? who cares!!!