Another Reason to Dive into the Deep End - Eating Alligator Could Save Your Life.

Lemongrass stir-fried alligator.

In the event you find yourself unfortunate enough to be infected by a "superbug", forget about going to your doctor or pharmacist. Burn rubber to your nearest Asian or Cajun restaurant that offers alligator on its menu.

According to USA TODAY, gator kin git you better.

I recommend the lemongrass stir-fried alligator at Phat Ky in Houston, Texas. It's phat, good and, now, good for you!


Anonymous said…
Do you know of any restaurant in the So Cal area that might serve alligator? I tried ostrich but heard alligator taste like chicken??
Unknown said…
Hey-o! Here's something that can be got in my neck of the woods! The Menasha Grill in Menasha, Wisconsin, has a nice-looking alligator entree (plus a great Sunday brunch).
Diana said…
Oooh, I had alligator in Louisiana, it was so good. Like chicken but richer and buttery. I eat just about anything, but alligator has moved to the top of my list!