Guess What's in Andrew Zimmern's Sandwich? Some Zany Off-Camera Hijinks on Bizarre Foods LA Edition.

What did I just eat???

Andrew Zimmern's food philosophy is—Eat First, Ask Questions Later. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't insert into his mouth half of the things he's been offered on his show Bizarre Foods. His motto famously is "If it looks good, eat it...and it all looks good to me." I, for one, totally believe him, however, I'm not so sure if he looks at his food long enough to determine whether or not it looks good. I really don't think he looks at his food at all. You'd have to close your eyes and say aahhhh in order to ingest anything named "moose nose jelly", for chrissake!

Taping this Los Angeles episode of Bizarre Foods with the AZ was a lot of fun. He was even good enough to be on camera to eat my little gift to him—a mystery sandwich only a handful of people have had so far. Did he eat it? Absolutely, it's Andrew Zimmern, duh! Did he like it? The chances are good, but watch the video to find out. And please watch Bizarre Foods, the LA edition, when it's out in the fall premiere season. I'll remind you guys as the date gets closer.

Now that we've deconstructed Andrew's motto, let me leave you with mine: The only difference between tasty food and nasty food is one letter. Chew on that.

Andrew Zimmern's Mystery Sandwich from eric alba on Vimeo.
Just eat it!


Daily Gluttony said…
aww yeahhhh, i remember the PB&J(fish) sammich. i was one of the lucky ones who got to try wasn't too bad! AZ is right-you're definitely onto something there!
Anonymous said…
OMG I love Andrew Z! Lucky bastard, getting to meet him, and give him a sandwich to boot.

Notice how whenever he eats something he likes, he'll close his eyes for a short pause, then nod his head to one side before making his sound of pleasure? That use to irritate the hell out of me, but now I embrace it. Embrace the nod.

Something about his head makes me want to pour oil all over it and glide it all--- sorry, I forgot what webpage I was on ;-)