Who Are These Freaks? Weird Food and the People Who Eat Them.

There's a place for us...somewhere a place for us...

You already know I'm fah-reeeky when it comes to food...and, um, maybe some other thangs I won't get into here. But, hold up, wait a minute, who are these other people who eat funky foods and stuff that, perhaps, shouldn't even be considered food? Lucky you! Now you can discover for yourself here and here.

Thanks, Tim Hall, Forbes Traveler and MSNBC.com.


glutster said…
nice man, thanks for representin'. Any word on that event yet?
Anonymous said…
Right. So I've eaten kangaroo steaks before, kinda tough. But Skippy jerky??
Unknown said…
That's cheating. It's the same story at both sites!

Congrats on the press.
Elise Thompson said…
I've had the garlic ice cream at Gilroy and it wasn't bad. It was the first thing I ate that day, but I imagine after a day's worth of garlic you wouldn't even taste it.

I decided a while ago I would eat anything but bugs and eyeballs. I have accidentally eaten bugs (do shrimp eyeballs count? Maybe I've eaten both).

But roadkill seems like an issue of food safety.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the press. I'm in a club in NYC that hunts down weird food in restaurants all over the city, it's been quite an interesting experience eating things like goats eyeballs and waterbugs. :) We haven't found kangaroo yet... soon I hope.

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