Scary Spice!! Eddie Lin Teams Up with metromix LA for the Moveable Feast from Hell!

Atomic Wings aka "Waiver Wings".

It's been a hot July in these dog days of summer. I've been doing my best to keep chill and apparently for me that means not blogging very much. I apologize for that, but rest assured, I've been very busy pushing the gastronomic envelope, just not in the blogosphere. One thing I've been doing to keep my cool is eating spicy foods. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but, trust me, any distraction from the sun's heat, even if that distraction means spicy heat, is a relief.

Those fine, albeit sadistic folks at metromix Los Angeles put together a fiery moveable feast not even Ernest Hemingway would be crazy enough to take part in (and that guy was pretty crazy). Jiyeon Yoo, metromix's restaurant editor, failed to inform me about her scorched throat policy in her selection of eateries serving up scary spicy food and because of that I sit here writing this post from the comfort of my toilet seat.

Have your Costco-sized jug o' milk and mega-Maalox ready. You'll need them for this capsaicin car wreck. Yikes! I think my biscuits are burnin', my biscuits are burnin'! The H is O!!

I hurt myself this day to see if I still feel...

The 5 Stages of Death by Chili.
Photos:deedee deGelia/Metromix LA. Collage:Eric Alba.


pleasurepalate said…
Wow, you have a cast iron stomach and tastebuds that can handle anything. I wouldn't have survived all those dishes in one day. By the way, your pics were hysterical! :)
Unknown said…
I check everyday_ wish I heard more often-you ROCK

I added a link to my blog of yours
Juliet said…
I love spicy food with a fiery passion! (Bad joke, I know.)
But after two kids, it doesn't love me so much. I eat it anyway, though.
Unknown said…
nice! jeez, 6 spicy meals in 6 hours? where's the picture of the morning (mourning?) after?
MrSound said…
I love spicy foods. Thanks for the share.
One Food Guy said…
Well done Eddie, or shall I call you Mr. Heat?! That was one fiery feast, all in the name of good food.