Ice Creams to Make You Scream. Weird Ice Creams from Around the World.

wasabi ice cream
That's just mean and green. (Asylum-Bonnie Biess:photo)

I remember the night I was at a sushi place with a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, and he just had a scoop of wasabi set before him. We were talking and drinking. He may have been distracted. The wasabi ball looked a lot like, I don't know, pistachio, maybe green tea ice cream. Anyhow, long story short, after he took a taste of his green "ice cream" he needed a box of Kleenex and lots of ice water to put out that fire in the belly.

Brian Childs over at that cwazy website Asylum shot over this slideshow of odd ice creams that would make anybody think twice if offered a sample on one of those cute, little, tasting spoons.


Juliet said…
My dad did that same thing with wasabi, and I'm still mocking him for it.

I threw up in my mouth a little while looking at that slideshow.
Anonymous said…
Spicy ice cream? First I have heard of.

I can see the temptation for a large helping and the need to put out the fire..
Manger La Ville said…
I love eccentric and unusual ice cream flavors. But I must admit, I like to taste, maybe have a few bites but not a cone full.
SweetKali said…
i have a recipe for black pepper ice cream somplace.....

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