Eat LA! Eat LA! Bizarre Foods Los Angeles on the Travel Channel. Tuesday, October 14th, 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific.

Ben Ford, Eddie Lin and Andrew Zimmern. The Axis of Evil Edibles.

Even if you don't know what the hell the Bush Doctrine is (like Republican Veep nominee Sarah "I can see Russia from my jacuzzi" Palin), you should know what the Zimmern Doctrine is if you are a fan of this blog. But, in case you don't, I'll explain. Andrew Zimmern, host of the Bizarre Foods show, tells it like this: If it looks good, eat it!

Of course, it's all in the eyes and, definitely, mouth of the beholder. Discover what Andrew Zimmern thinks "looks good" in LA. Catch the premiere of the Los Angeles edition of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel in the US on Tuesday, October 14th, 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific. Check your local networks internationally.

I'll be hanging with the AZ and Ben Ford at Ford's Filling Station in the first segment. Make sure to catch the show early!


gourmetpigs said…
sigh I'm still disappointed at Zimmerm for the fact that he can't stand durian ... I mean, that is one delicious fruit!!!
Eddie Lin said…

I agree. Durian isn't that disgusting. It tastes a lot better than it smells. Honestly, I think Andrew Zimmern fakes that he doesn't like durian. If he liked everything he ate (and he usually does), the show would be boring. There needs to be some level of peril or, at minimum, uncertainty. Will he eat it or won't he? Will he like it or will he spit it out?

Problem with my bud AZ is that he genuinely enjoys eating EVERYTHING...which in a weird way is no fun. Now that's bizarre!

Still, it all makes for interesting television.
elmomonster said…

I'll be TiVoing this. By the way, I haven't been able to catch any reruns of your HGTV appearance...rats. I guess it was just a one time run.
Eddie Lin said…

Hope you like the show!

I am not at all disappointed that you haven't caught the HGTV show. Your world will be no less enriched. Trust me.

Thanks for the comment!
H. C. said…
Can't wait to watch -- and I agree, Durian is tastier than it smells.

Also saw your list of scary meats in Nov. issue of LA Mag, cool stuff!
Eddie Lin said…

November LA Mag is out!!! Thanks for the heads up!
Gotta go!!!
Anonymous said…
AZ doesn't like durian? Scandalous. If it's good enough for a housewife from Copenhagen, it's good enough for him too dammit.

Mmmm, fantasizing about what I could do with AZ's bald head and some creamy durian....
Unknown said…
::shudder:: Durian. Couldn't do it. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't force myself. Maybe if I find some ice cream, or get back to that bubble tea place in Seattle that has durian bubble shakes. Although tapioca bubbles are pretty creepy in and of themselves...