Thanks For Watching Bizarre Foods LA, Everyone!

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Here's a small clip if you weren't able to watch it.


Ben said…
Nice job, Eddie!! Caught your segment up here in Monterey. All the squid fishermen are jealous of your delectable cuisine choice. Now I'm hungry for pig baaaabayyyyy! That looked freakin' delish, man. Take care, Ben M
Unknown said…
Travel Channel's feed crapped out on me during the re-run here in Madison (no sound), so I was only able to read your comments on caption. But I dug it, all the way!
I watched! "Head cheese - so creamy" haa haaa... good job! Very entertaining. ;)
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks, Melissa Good Taste,

Creamy head cheese does sound a little wrong, doesn't it?
Eddie Lin said…
Thanks, Kyle and Ben,

Really appreciate your feedback.

Anonymous said…
Eddie: You're going to hell for eating a baby pig, but you still remain my food god--which I guess makes me a Satanist?! ALL HAIL EDDIE!!!
Eddie Lin said…

You're too kind.

Hold on, though. The show cut out the part when I thank the suckling pig for giving up its life for our meal. I really felt bad about it.

I'm no food god, but, you, my friend, are a satanist! Happy Halloween!!
Anonymous said…
Great segment. Suckling Pig in confit. Beautiful! What's the name of that restaurant. I am in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You should consider doing a segment down here.
Ken said…
Great segment. What's the name of that restaurant? Since you're a "movie guy", there's a film out there about this Chinese Chef who was commissioned by some wealthy connersouier to cook his girlfriend and be served up to his contempories. Do you know the name of that film?
Eddie Lin said…

thanks. the name of ben ford's restaurant where the suckling pig confit was served is ford's filling station. the bug restaurant is typhoon in santa monica.

i'd love to do a show in the u.s. virgin islands, but it's not my show. if andrew picks your location and invites me, then i'll be there! or i can get my own show and check out your hood.


thanks for the comment. see name of restaurants in above reply. nope, i don't know the name of that movie. it sounds freakishly intriguing though!
MilpitasGirl said…
It's been awhile since I have been back to LA, but after watching the segment, I want to go back so badly. I am currently in Atlanta, I can't find any good places that serve up "Nose to Tail" kind of dining experience. If you know a place please forward the information to me. The only place I know of is Holeman & Finch, which served up sweet bread, pigs ears, and wonderful chicken liver pate. Thanks and you guys made be salivate for the piggy platter.
Eddie Lin said…
milpitas girl,

unfortunately, i don't know of any "nose to tail" places in atlanta. i've never even been to atlanta, but there has to be something. maybe ask the local butchers or chowhounds.

thanks for the nice comment.