This Little Piggy Went to Ford's Filling Station. Bizarre Foods Los Angeles. See Episode Tonight if You Missed it.

Piggy en confit.

Not to beat a dead suckling pig, but if you didn't catch the Bizarre Foods Los Angeles episode last week, you have a chance to see it this week. Watch host Andrew Zimmern and me Eddie Lin redefine the term gluttony. Check the Bizarre Foods TV schedule for your area.

Bonus: After tonight's airing, you can chat with the AZ online 8PM PT/11PM ET. The freak show just never ends.


Anonymous said…
The piglet confeit looks awesome.

Is this normally on the menu?

How much was it?
Eddie Lin said…

the piglet is not normally on the menu. ben ford occasionally offers it during special dinners. as far as cost, i didn't pay for it. the restaurant provided it for the show. thanks for the comment.
Juliet said…
Eww...You know that I'm an open minded eater, but I can't eat a big ol' pig's head looking at me. Which is weird, because I will eat a fish looking at me.
Oh well. Whatever makes you happy. :-)
Eddie Lin said…
hi juliet,

the pig was a suckling pig so it was actually a small head. the picture makes it look big. i felt really bad about eating that pig. i saw it before it was cooked. andrew zimmern slapped its butt and to me it looked like my baby phoebe from behind. i had to leave the kitchen. i thanked the baby pig on camera for giving up its life for our meal. my thanks was cut out of the segment.

recently, i've started a vegetarian diet. i'm not sure how this is going to affect my blog and future writings. but i suppose it's going to make me a more conscientious person.
Juliet said…
Funny thing...I'm eating vegetarian now, too. Well, almost. I still eat seafood. Can't give that up! But I've developed a dislike for pork meat recently. Not sure why.