Wanna Eat Something Scaryyyy? Pick Up the Latest Issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Read My Freaky Food Finds in "Scary Meats".


Check out my "Scary Meats" featured article. Just in time for All Hallows Eve. Get your hardcopy of Los Angeles Magazine today!

And have a Happy Halloween, my dear readers. It's on Friday this year. Woohoo!! (Pssst, any idea where a 6 ft. 3 in. Chinese dude can find a Sarah Palin costume? No biggie. Just wondering.)


mattatouille said…
nice! i saw this issue at the grocery store yesterday. I'll be sure to grab a copy next time i see it.
Eddie Lin said…

you're a good man, mattatouille!
H. C. said…
You can always try stealing the clothes from the effigy.

not quite as scary as some of the stuff in your article, but I'm trying that suckling pig @ Ford's soon... brace my arteries!
glutster said…
congrats man.

things are coming up for both of us!

My article for "Lateen" magazine is

coming out pretty soon too!
Juliet said…
I live in Michigan, so I can't get the maf. :-(

If you find that costume, you HAVE to post photos! You'll still look prettier than her.
Eddie Lin said…

thanks for the costume tip. i'll sneak over there in the middle of the night. please, thank your suckling pig before you tear into it. it's the least you can do.


yeah. thanks. let us know when your "lateen" piece is out.


i think tina fey is the best version of sarah palin ever. hot, smart, funny and liberal. but thanks for saying i'd look prettier...um, i think.
mattatouille said…
hey eddie, see you saturday at hop li? You've been getting some serious coverage lately. Next stop? Your own food show? (Zimmern has you down, but you could get an alternate network like Daniel Boulud's excellent show)
Anonymous said…
Nice round-up. The beef spleen soup at Hanbat sounds incredible. I'm a big liver fan to begin with, so your description really drew me in. I've eaten at Phong Dinh several times, and it's pretty solid. Too bad they took fox off the menu, which was probably their most delicious animal, and a unique shade of pink-purple.