Sacrebleu! Deep End Dining Française!! C'est Loco!!! Eduard "Eddie" Lin et Antoine de Caunes en un documentaire de Canal Plus "Allez à L.A.!"

Eddie Lin & Antoine de Caunes

Ça va? Don't worry. Deep End Dining isn't in French now. But, I am happy to announce an appearance on a French television show. If you happen to call France home and receive Canal+ on your t.v., I invite you to watch Allez à L.A. on the Canal+ Television Netowrk. On the show, I play tour guide to host and major French TV star Antoine de Caunes. (Trust me. This guy is super famous in France. HUGE! Um, at least, that's what they tell me.)

Eat Me, Eddie, One More Time.

Antoine and I keep it real and go on an extreme tour of Los Angeles ethnic eateries for an authentic taste of the town. All the weird stuff is represented: balut, writhing tentacles and offal tacos. Find out if Antoine eats any of these yummies. Shouldn't be too challenging for him. After all, escargot isn't too far off from freshly disembodied octopus tentacles, right?

The Canal Plus Crew at Funnel Mill Coffee & Tea in Santa Monica, California.

We end our kinky culinary tour the French way — with coffee. But the coffee we drink is no simple French roast. We're sipping kopi luwak and it comes out a civet's sphincter. That's right, Monsieur de Caunes couldn't even get a regular cup of coffee out of my tour. I hope this doesn't further strain relations between our two great nations.

However, what is stranger than the food I offer to Antoine is the fact that this show is part of a special focusing on the American experience during the days leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election. I'm not clear on how balut and Barack are related but, hey, the French see us through their own special prism. To that, I say bon appétit and Barack the Vote!

Allez à L.A.
Lundi 03/11 à 20:50
Jeudi 06/11 à 10:30


Anonymous said…
It's only a matter of time before you transcend tour guide status and get your own TV show. After all, you were sharing bizarre foods with Angelenos long before Zimmern's dome ever appeared on TV. In the meantime, I hope these producers are paying you well for your knowledge.
Eddie Lin said…
food gps,

bless you. if only you owned a television network...
Juliet said…
So, do you speak French? Or do they have someone translate for you?
Also, how did you get this gig?

Very cool news! Too bad I'm not in France!

Also, I'm crossing my fingers and praying really, really hard that Obama wins the election. I already voted!
Neverwhere said…
Antoine is also famous in the UK, for hosting a crazy, not at all worksafe show called Eurotrash. *grins* Go you! :D
Unknown said…
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